Tools to enhance small topographic variations in surface meshes and digital elevation models
Greyscale Blended Map
RGB Enhanced Topo Map
Greyscale Enhanced Topo Map
Depth Map
RGB Blended Map
Texture Topo Map
Texture Map
The topography visualisation toolbox was originally developed for visualising carved rock art in laser scans of rock panels in Southern Sweden. The tools continue to adapt and develop landscape archaeology methods to highlight the detail and topographic changes in localised surfaces.

In the current release, there is a Topographic Visualisation tool for laser scan and SfM mesh files (.obj, .stl, .ply) and a Digital Frottage tool for digital elevation models.The toolbox currently supports CPU-only use on Windows PCs. The program folder, which includes the executable file and associated information, can be downloaded below.
Project Information

Demo of the TVT Topographic Visualisation tool